View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 27

Thursday, February 21 2019


Declan Rice was born and grew up in Kingston upon Thames. In England. So he must’ve made the call to play for the Republic of Ireland – where Gran and Grampy Rice are from, to be sure – at a stage when the thought of playing for England was punching a bit.

So what next? If he continues to develop beyond the very good player he has become to perhaps outstanding. Does he go searching in his family genealogy for some French, German or Brazilian heritage…?

It’s not right, is it? And you have to feel for the Republic. Although I hear Shamima Begum is looking for a country…


Total Pts

GW 26 Pts

Alisson (LIV)






Robertson (LIV)



van Dijk (LIV)



Alonso (CHE)



Luis (CHE)






Salah (LIV)



Sterling (MC)



Hazard (CHE)



Pogba (MC)






Aubameyang (ARS)



Aguero (MC)




Two new faces and a defensive tweak to tell you about…

Red hot and blue

Same four faces at the back, although Chelsea’s two are flushed with crimson after the indignity of a -1 score thanks to their 0-6 arse-raping at the rough hands of Man City.
That means van Dijk slips past Alonso, playing second fiddle to his club-mate Robertson. Luis JUST keeps his place, but Man City’s Laporte is at the door. Eh? Eh? ‘Laporte’ at ‘the door’... Do you like that?

In Pog we trust

Staying on a Gallic tip, the big Man United man has finally entered the building. Pogba’s two-goal 16pt showing at Fulham was enough to lope into the picture, after steadily motoring up the rankings. He’s averaged 10pts per match since Jose left. 3pt before.

Elsewhere, Sterling’s value rose after the dismantling of Chelsea. He’s now No.2 overall behind Salah.

AA meeting up top

Aguero’s hat-trick in said match got him the gig alongside Arsenal’s Aubameyang – who didn’t bother to score but stays top gun. Just. But with Kane due back anytime there is a decision to be made by FPL bosses.

The Watch List: I got five on it.

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives.

GK: Etheridge (CAR) – Watford then Everton. Wouldn’t dissuade you.
DEF: Doherty (WOL) – Injury doubt but worth persisting with.
MID: Son (TOT) – Now in as many teams as Hazard.
FOR: Rashford (MU) – Lukaku is his bitch now.
FOR: Jimenez (WOL) – Classy lone wolf.

That’s how it looks from here.

Matt Nesbitt


Ben Dinnery

Ben Dinnery


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Johnny Wilson


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