View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 23

Friday, January 18 2019


I read today that Aaron Ramsey has signed a £300k-a-week pre-contract deal with Juve, so will leave Arsenal in the summer. For fuck all. 

Precisely the same fee they negotiated for Alexis Sanchez. 

Well, at least they are losing their reputation for being a ‘selling’ club. 

Eyes down, ladies.


Total Pts

GW 22 Pts

Alisson (LIV)






Robertson (LIV)



Alonso (CHE)



van Dijk (LIV)



Luis (CHE)






Salah (LIV)



Hazard (CHE)



Sterling (MC)



Sane (MC)






Aubameyang (ARS)



Kane (TOT)




Hmm. Here we are in GW 23 and it looks like we might be looking at nine of the FPL Dream Team X1 already in situ.  

Take it as Red…

Liverpool’s No 1 (actually No 13) Alisson is going nowhere. He’s parried challenges from the best that Man City and Chelsea have got to offer – and your best alternative is actually Cardiff’s Etheridge as it stands. He’ll save you £1.3m each week – and could be worth an investment this week (away to Newcastle).

There’s only Wan-Bissaka…

A slight shuffle in the defensive four, but the Liverpool and Chelsea pairings look away and clear. Doherty (WOL), Digne (EV) and Trippier (TOT) are still decent investments – at least as far as 23%, 15.8% and 18.3% of the FPL universe are concerned. But just don’t get the clean sheets to back up their assist appeal. Oh and there’s been a 33% swell for the £4.5m Wan-Bissaka (CP). He’s a bargain and might just get a big move this month. Possibly. Maybe.   

You’re in Sane! 

Sane (MC) has clambered over Fraser (BOU) this week, but there’s only one big performance between those two, Mane (LIV), Anderson (WH) and even Pogba (MU) if you’re buying the ‘United are back’ hoopla.

But the big three Salah (LIV), Hazard (CHE) and Sterling (MC) look to have their spots in the locker room nailed down.

A Rash you won’t mind getting…

Now then… there could be a bit of headway at the sharp end. No change yet, but it’s a-coming. Kane (TOT) is crocked for probably ten matches, so choose your replacements wisely. Wilson (BOU) and Firmino (LIV) are next on the list, but Aguero (MC) will outscore both on the run-in. £9.3m Lacazette (ARS) will save you a bit, £6.4m Jimenez (WOL) will save you a lot. But the mob has already spoken – with born-again £7.5m Rashford (MU) now accounting for 32.2% of the vote. 

The Watch List: I got five on it.

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 

GK: Etheridge (CAR) – this week (Newcastle) yes, next week (Arsenal) no.
DEF: Doherty (WOL) – has a nice little run of games until Chelsea on March 9th.
MID: Fraser (BOU) – don’t let this lad drop out of sight. Bargainous.
FOR: Rashford (MU) – could still make a big push for Young Player of the Year. 
FOR: Aguero (MC) – due a streak. It’ll happen.  

That’s how it looks from here.

Matt Nesbitt


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