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Friday, January 11 2019


More developments in Wayne Hennessey’s ‘Nazi salute’ story…

The Palace keeper insisted that the picture below captured him ‘waving and shouting’ at the photographer to hurry, with his hand placed over his mouth to make the sound carry.

Two independent sources have since come forward to endorse his explanation. Mr Basil Fawlty, a Torquay hotelier who experienced a similar misunderstanding while hosting a group of international travellers in the 1970s.  

And an anonymous former public servant, who accidentally caused a stir in Nuremburg in 1933 while trying to attract the attention of his girlfriend Eva.

Nasty business.


Total Pts

GW 21 Pts

Alisson (LIV)






Alonso (CHE)



Robertson (LIV)



van Dijk (LIV)



Luis (CHE)






Salah (LIV)



Hazard (CHE)



Sterling (MC)



Fraser (BOU)






Aubameyang (ARS)



Kane (TOT)




Despite taking a couple of week’s break, the glut of Christmas matches only prompted two changes in the XI.

A settled back four…

Two clean sheets and an assist over Christmas for Luis (CHE) helped him nudge his way into the back four, just ahead of team mate Rudiger and Pereira (LEI). This relegated Doherty (WOL) to the standby list – which won’t do you any harm this weekend (Wolves are away at Man City).  

Mo Salah, no problems…

No change in the engine room, other than Hazard (CHE) slipping past Sterling due to three goals in five matches (to Raheem’s one). Bargain of the season Fraser (BOU) kept his place in the starting line-up thanks to a five-start 12pt goal and assist performance last time out (v Watford). But he will be feeling the hot breath of Sane (MC) on the back of his neck.

Salah (LIV) stays out in front, racking up a hat-trick of goals and assist in the four festive fixtures. 

All about North London up top…

Arsenal’s Aubameyang remains top gun despite Tottenham and England talisman Kane finally living up to his billing, firing in five goals in his last four. Oh, and tickling in a couple of assist too. 

Firmino (LIV) has also joined the 100 Club, thanks largely to the treble he caused against Arsenal. But don’t write off the injury-blighted Aguero (MC) and Wilson (BOU) – the latter could even be due for a PL upgrade if transfer stories are to be believed. 

The Watch List: A bench of fives

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 

GK: Etheridge (CAR) – aw c’mon, now. Let’s hear it for the number two No 1 in FPL.
DEF: Rudiger (CHE) – is racking up the sheets at the Bridge.
DEF: Pereira (LEI) – 30pts in four matches (including City and Chelsea) deserves a fist pump.
MID: Sane (MC) – can get among the goals and assists v Wolves, Huddersfield & Newcastle.
FOR: Firmino (LIV) – has a nice little trip to Brighton this weekend.

And that, my friends, is that.

Matt Nesbitt


P.S. I know what you're thinking... 'Who does he think he is, putting his name in a fancy box...'. Well, you're wrong. I don't know why it's happened. It just has. I've tried deleting it and cutting and pasting again, but it's still there. Just ignore it. 


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