View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 16

Friday, December 7 2018


Having been in the betting business for 20-odd years, I am well-versed in the sanctimonious posturing and double-speak within the industry. But when the government get involved they take it to another level…

The current hoopla about tackling ‘problem gambling’ has all parties making big claims. Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson talks of a ‘public health emergency’… Conservative vice chairman Chris Skidmore wants ‘tighter rules on advertising’…

The upshot?

A 1% kickback, er, sorry… levy about £140 million a year. And a ban on the phrase ‘Bet Now’. 


Check out Bet365’s professional geezer Ray Winstone’s sign-offs. ‘Bet naaah!’ has been replaced with ‘bet responsibly’. 

And that, brothers and sisters, is the deal. Already done and dusted.

Now then…


Total Pts

GW 15 Pts

Alisson (LIV)






Alonso (CHE)



Robertson (LIV)



van Dijk (LIV)



Alexander-Arnold (LIV)






Sterling (MC)



Hazard (CHE)



Salah (LIV)



Fraser (BOU)






Aubameyang (ARS)



Wilson (BOU)




All change please, all change

Alisson (LIV) has been steadily stalking Ederson (MC) for a few weeks with three sheets in his last four. And now finally gets his big, webbed gloves on the No 1 spot. He is emerging as arguably Jurgen Klopp’s most important signing. I say ‘arguably’ because the loudest protest in that particular debate is likely to come from van Dijk – our second debutant of the week.

He is flanked by full-backs Alexander-Arnold and Robertson – even though the latter didn’t even play midweek. Which neatly tells the story of Liverpool’s evolution this season. If they end up going the distance with City it will be down to their rear-guard as much as the fabled Fab Three.   

For Fraser’s sake, pick Ryan

Fraser (BOU) has clambered back into the midfield four – where he has been for much of the season. But he still only figures in 27.5% of FPL teams! C’mon now, people. I could understand if he was trading in the double-figure millions or had an off-putting tattoo on his lower leg. But I understand all of Ryan’s ink is very tasteful (he has a barbed-wire ring around his upper arm and Wylie Coyote on his hip). This boy is worth £6.3m of anyone’s (not even real) money.

Sterling (MC) looks the big money pick of the moment. Salah (LIV) hasn’t had his best spell of the season so far, but I’m starting to think that Hazard (CHE) – and maybe his team mates - might have.  

Callum Wilson said I’m in the X1

Sticking with Bournemouth, England’s newest cap Wilson has kicked on apace since making his International bow. Five goals in six matches – and a two-match of Aguero (MC) – has kept Callum ahead of a litany of more glamorous names. But just behind one of the most spectacularly named…

Aubameyang (ARS) carries a hefty tag - £11.3m is joint most expensive, alongside Aguero and behind only Kane (TOT) – but is delivering, alright. Glad he has sorted that hair out too.  

‘Arry will keep grinding away, or course. And Lacazette (ARS) is a cheaper alternative, but they five mentioned look like the pick unless Mitrovic (FUL) and Jimenez (WOL) do something exceptional in the second half of the season.

The Watch List: Best of the rest...

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 
GK: Ederson (MC) – Still the most popular in the FPL marketplace.  
DEF: Doherty (WOL) – A goal and an assist in his last two. Solid outside-big-six-bet.  
MID: Sane (MC) – Four goals and four assist in his last five. Back in business.   
FOR: Lacazette (ARS) – Can have an impact even from the bench.  

Play now. Sorry, play responsibly.

Matt Nesbitt

Ben Dinnery

Ben Dinnery


Ben is football’s leading injury specialist. The ‘go-to’ guru for big hitters like Sky Sports, ESPN and NBC Sports when they need data. Or the BBC, talkSPORT and the broadsheets when a quote is required. His unique insight has helped provide a better understanding of what is really happening in the treatment rooms.

Johnny Wilson

Johnny Wilson


Johnny is a respected physiotherapist and sports scientist, specialising in football injuries and rehab. Johnny has headed up the medical departments at Chesterfield, Scunthorpe and Notts County. Overseeing everything from player-specific training loads to pre-signing medicals. He has a proven record working with elite athletes in Private Practice and is regularly called upon throughout Europe to deliver presentations on the latest rehab innovations.

Matt Nesbitt

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Matt's short, unremarkable football career was ended by his own bad driving. His long, distinguished career as a football tipster was ended by his own good advice. Because bookmakers don’t like a winner. First, they closed his accounts. Then his members’ accounts. Then his tipping service. And now they employ him as a consultant. Funny old game.


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