View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 6

Saturday, September 22 2018


Five matches in and the Top Three already looks done and dusted – with perhaps the odd shuffle here and there. The Bottom Four doesn’t look far off either. 

And guess what…? There’s only one change in the Team of the Season so far. 

I might have to start including obscure 80s musical reference into the intros to keep things interesting.

Here are this season’s dandiest highwaymen so far… 

Goalkeeper                          Pts        GW 5  

Neil Etheridge (CAR)             32pts         1pt


Marcos Alonso (CHE)            46pts         2pts
Jose Holebas (WAT)              34pts         0pts
Andrew Robertson (LIV)        34pts         2pts
Benjamin Mendy (MC)           32pts         0pts


Eden Hazard (CHE)              47pts        20pts
Sadio Mane (LIV)                  41pts        2pts 
Ryan Fraser (BOU)               39pts        18pts
Lucas Moura (TOT)              31pts        7pts
Roberto Pereyra (WAT)        30pts        4pts


Sergio Aguero (MC)              37pts        7pts 

Can you spot the difference from last week? 

Ryan Fraser has slid two-footed into our midfield following his 18pt showing against Leicester – two goals, one assist and a Brucie bonus. His displays this season have drawn comparison with Liverpool’s Fab Three front players. Hmm, not sure Ryan.

Only bettered by our new overall leader Eden Hazard. His show-stopping hat-trick v Cardiff earned him 20pts. His display’s this season have drawn comparisons with Ronaldo and Messi. Hmm, not sure Eden. 

But they were the undeniable stars of our show in Game Week 5.

No change in nets…

A little bit hilariously, the fella on the end of Hazard’s hat-trick keeps his place in our dream team. Cardiff’s Neil Etheridge only has to turn up and register a point to stay ahead of fools like Hennessy (CP) and Hart (BUR). And yes, that’s right - two keepers in the Bottom Four of the PL are currently in the Top Three FPL performers. £4.6m a pop. Think on.  

Bigger price bigger hitters Alisson (LIV) and Ederson (MC) are bubbling just below, so we might be talking about them in the coming weeks.

Business as usual at the back…

The back four stays the same. Holebas (WAT) and Mendy (MC) didn’t even have to register a point between them to stay in residence. And Mendy is a doubt for this weekend. So his opposite flanker Walker might be worth considering at the same price. And Gomez (LIV) is steadily creeping up the charts (unlike the jangly guitar band of the same name who haven’t had a hit since the 90s). 

Not much to add in the middle…

Nothing else to report in midfield, aside from the arrival of Fraser and promotion of Hazard. But the smart move is sticking to five for now – as that’s where the points are being scored. Lucas Moura increasingly looks Tottenham’s best bet, outstripping his World Cup hero club mates.

(I say ‘heroes’ – only one came back with a winner’s medal. And he was so drunk driving home the other night he tore a muscle. He needs to get the brakes of his Citroen seen to).  

Pedro (CHE), Maddison (LEI) and Milner (LIV) – yes, Milner – are lingering at the gates of dream team inclusion. All reasonably priced - £6.8m, £6.6m and £5.6m.

As you were in attack…

At the sharp end, Aguero (MC) remains the man. Comfortably ahead of Mitrovic (FUL), Lukaku (MU), Arnautovic (WH) and Wilson (BOU). Oh and Firmino (LIV) and Murray (BRI) probably deserve a mention – one because he was late to the PL party but now looks to have hit his stride. The other because he is cheap.  

More from the BaDMan Boot Room next week. 
Matt Nesbitt

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Ben Dinnery


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Johnny Wilson


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