Midweek Coupon Busters - Game Week 17

Tuesday, December 12 2017


Got a bit splattered by milk and energy drink at the weekend. A full investigation is underway.

This week we’re flicking the ‘v’s at the posing cockney so and sos of Chelsea and Arsenal. And saying ‘what the holy f…?’ to Christian Benteke and Dejan Lovren. Clumsy pair of bastards.   

Bit unlucky with Watford failing to score – for, ahem, the first time this season. Cost us a 12/1 winner that would’ve made everything all right. 

The good thing is, Premier League matches are like the Chinese Army. There’s always a new battalion on the horizon…

Match Results

  1. Burnley to beat Stoke
  2. Chelsea to beat Huddersfield             £1 Double returns £3.30
  3. Liverpool to beat West Brom
  4. Tottenham to beat Brighton
  5. Man City to beat Swansea
  6. Man United to beat Bournemouth       £1 Acca returns £8       

This looks a gimme, all ways around. I take no credit for pointing it out – and better looking six-folds have fallen over before now. But it is worth a silly quid of anyone’s money.  Burnley are on offer at odds-against so should be included in any variation, such as the Tuesday Twosome highlighted.

Win To Nil

  1. Burnley to beat Stoke
  2. Liverpool to beat West Brom
  3. Chelsea to beat Huddersfield        £2 Trixie returns £15.93 (any two pays £4)


  1. Man City to beat Swansea
  2. Man United to beat Bournemouth
  3. Tottenham to beat Brighton           £2 Trixie returns £9.52 (any two pays £3.66)

All six should logically, legally, sensibly win To Nil. But it’s not an exact science, this. So to cover ourselves we’ll place two Trixies.*

*If you’d been paying attention at the weekend, you’d remember that a Trixie is four bets in one – three Doubles and a Treble. Stakes are multiplied by four, so this is a 50p bet x 4 = £2. Are you chewing at the back…?



  1. Palace v Watford
  2. Newcastle v Everton
  3. West Ham v Arsenal          £2 Trixie returns £41.40 (any two pays £11)

I’ll level with you – I fancy all of these. And wouldn’t blame you a miserable bit placing a Double or a Treble


Both Teams to Score

  1. Palace v Watford
  2. Southampton v Leicester        £1 Double returns £3
  3. West Ham v Arsenal               £1 Treble returns £5.50

Three more solid looking punts here. 

Fire at will.

Matt Nesbitt

Ben Dinnery

Ben Dinnery


Ben is football’s leading injury specialist. The ‘go-to’ guru for big hitters like Sky Sports, ESPN and NBC Sports when they need data. Or the BBC, talkSPORT and the broadsheets when a quote is required. His unique insight has helped provide a better understanding of what is really happening in the treatment rooms.

Johnny Wilson

Johnny Wilson


Johnny is a respected physiotherapist and sports scientist, specialising in football injuries and rehab. Johnny has headed up the medical departments at Chesterfield, Scunthorpe and Notts County. Overseeing everything from player-specific training loads to pre-signing medicals. He has a proven record working with elite athletes in Private Practice and is regularly called upon throughout Europe to deliver presentations on the latest rehab innovations.

Matt Nesbitt

Matt Nesbitt On TipTV


Matt's short, unremarkable football career was ended by his own bad driving. His long, distinguished career as a football tipster was ended by his own good advice. Because bookmakers don’t like a winner. First, they closed his accounts. Then his members’ accounts. Then his tipping service. And now they employ him as a consultant. Funny old game.


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