Who the hell is Matt Nesbitt?

Thursday, November 16 2017


So who is this Matt Nesbitt?

A punter, just like you. Probably takes it more serious. Definitely puts more hours in. Likely to have had a few more winners - and more losers too.

I’ve been providing professional betting advice since the 90s. That’s pre-internet, pre-email, pre-Opta stats - when Ceefax was considered cutting edge.

A time when tips were sent by post, phone line, pigeon, smoke signal, town crier, whatever you could get…

(Well, that’s not quite true. But if you’d described the dark arts of Social Media to me back then, I would’ve had you in the ducking stool. Sharpish.)

 Getting on early…

The tapes went up on my punting career early. April 2nd 1977 to be precise.

The bet was Red Rum in the Grand National. The price was 7/1. The stake 10p. I know what you’re thinking – ‘baller’.

Like all first bets, of course, it sluiced in. And BOSH! – that’s you for life, sunshine…

It was for me anyway. The memory of my dad counting out eight ‘10p’s into my sweaty little, seven-year-old mitts is as fresh as if it happened this morning.

From then on in it was all about that buzz. The bolt. The charge of collecting   

The art of ‘collecting’…

The planned football career that would let me spend every afternoon in the bookies was cut mercifully short. So I started the spending the mornings there too.

But instead of taking the well-trodden Shilton-shortcut… the Merson-motorway… the Hamaan-highway straight to Palookaville. I learned to bet smart. Put the work in. Got good. Started winning. Made a nice little living.

But you soon learn that bookmakers don’t care much for winners.

That's what the bookies really think!

First they limited my accounts. Then they closed them. Writing to me to make it clear I was persona not grata.

So, relieved of my livelihood I had to do something. Then I had an idea…

I started sharing my betting advice. Selling tips. First sending big, heavy manuals through post, then monthly newsletters... Then phone messages, emails, websites… Then Talksport, lads mags, bit of TV…  and I seem to be the ‘go to’ guy when Five Live need a quote about match fixing or the latest ex-player that’s lost his kids at poker.

Working for the enemy…

Then along came free stats and Social Media and overnight EVERYONE became expert, a tipster, or a ‘betting guru’ – whatever that is.  

But by then, the bookies had come a-calling and I confess… I went over to the darkside. 

But I’ve always been a punter at heart. For me it’s all about that buzz. The bolt. The charge of collecting. 

So why not join me for a bit of betting, banter and busting coupons.  We’ll be betting with coins and collecting in notes, pulling the bookies pants down every weekend.

That’s how a BadMan bets.

Ben Dinnery

Ben Dinnery


Ben is football’s leading injury specialist. The ‘go-to’ guru for big hitters like Sky Sports, ESPN and NBC Sports when they need data. Or the BBC, talkSPORT and the broadsheets when a quote is required. His unique insight has helped provide a better understanding of what is really happening in the treatment rooms.

Johnny Wilson

Johnny Wilson


Johnny is a respected physiotherapist and sports scientist, specialising in football injuries and rehab. Johnny has headed up the medical departments at Chesterfield, Scunthorpe and Notts County. Overseeing everything from player-specific training loads to pre-signing medicals. He has a proven record working with elite athletes in Private Practice and is regularly called upon throughout Europe to deliver presentations on the latest rehab innovations.

Matt Nesbitt

Matt Nesbitt On TipTV


Matt's short, unremarkable football career was ended by his own bad driving. His long, distinguished career as a football tipster was ended by his own good advice. Because bookmakers don’t like a winner. First, they closed his accounts. Then his members’ accounts. Then his tipping service. And now they employ him as a consultant. Funny old game.


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