View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 14

Friday, November 30 2018


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Or perhaps he’s just a waste of organs. Not sure.



Total Pts

GW 13 Pts

Ederson (MC)






Alonso (CHE)



Robertson (LIV)



Alexander-Arnold (LIV)



Laporte (MC)






Sterling (MC)



Hazard (CHE)



Salah (LIV)



Mane (LIV)






Aguero (MC)



Aubameyang (ARS)




Look North By North West in goal…

Scouse pair Alisson (LIV) and Pickford (EVE) are slowly reining in Manc Ederson (MC) in, but clean sheets are less likely in the Merseyside derby than in City at home to Bournemouth. So Mr Ed stays top of the (ugly) tree for another week. 

Check out The (Liver) Birds at the back…

Liverpool left back Robertson has been joined by his opposite flanker Alexander-Arnold, thanks to 25pts in the last two weeks. An assist and a goal topping up the two clean sheets. Much of the pair’s best work was done going forward last season, but Klopp’s slightly more pragmatic approach – plus the arrival of a proper centre back and goalkeeper, of course – has added clean sheets to their FPL appeal. 15 between them so far.

Alonso is still top stopper, despite just the 1pt at Tottenham last weekend. A visit from Fulham on Sunday should set the record straight.  Oh and City’s quiet man Laporte sneaks back in to make up the four. It’s all about sheets with this boy – 8 from 13 matches. Bournemouth at home says 9

Raheem’s 39 Steps to the top…

Sterling (MC) is now the FPL’s most valuable asset. His 39pts – count ‘em, 39... – in the last three weeks has taken him past Hazard (CHE) who’s form has fallen off a Stamford Bridge. Eden has totalled 9ts from the last five matches and is a doubt for the Fulham match.

So you’re better off turning your attention to the Liverpool pair of Mo and Mane, Salah and Sadio. Neither has quite hit the heights of last season yet, but offer a bigger goal threat than Fraser (BOU) and Sigurdsson (EVE), show just miss out. They will save you some FPL dollar though, trading at just £6.2m and £7.4m respectively.

Dial A for Aubameyang…*

A rare blank weekend from Aguero (MC) – only the fourth time Sergio has failed to register a goal or an assist this season. But he has credit in the bank looks the stand out pic according to the fixtures. 

The silver-topped one is joined for the first time by Arsenal’s top gun Aubameyang. His 8 goals so far is solid, but when you look where he has scored them – it looks like he might be a ‘flat-tracker’. Cardiff, Everton, Fulham, Leicester, Palace and Bournemouth… Hmm.

Tottenham will be a tougher nut to crack, but with his mate Lacazette a groin-injury doubt at least he will start at the sharp end.

*As usual, there is a very sophisticated literary thread that runs through this week’s post. However, some of the links are more tenuous (or just plain shit) than others. This is one of them. But the next one is better…

Watch list: Strangers On a Bench**


If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 

GK: Alisson (LIV) – has a tidy run of matches up to Christmas. And.GK: Pickford (EVE) – will save you £0.7m, plus looks value in the next two (at home to WAT & NEW).  
DEF: Walker (MC) – is on the verge. Not enough assists, but plenty of sheets.
MID: Sane (MC) – 34pts in the last three weeks after a slow start.  
FOR: Mitrovic (FUL) – might benefit from the Ranieri bounce. 

Quack quack oops.

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