View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 3

Friday, August 24 2018


So GW 3 and you’re still in the job, eh?  Still not lost the dressing room or upset the boardroom either. You’re doing well.

Better than Jose anyway. 

And in the BaDMaN Boot Room we’re here to help you perfect your team. Every week we’ll update you with the best performing X1 so far with a few pointers on who should be drafted in, or booted out for the upcoming set of matches.

Here’s the Team of the Season so far…

Goalkeeper                           Pts

Neil Etheridge (CAR)                        26pts 


Marcos Alonso (CHE)                      24pts 
Benjamin Mendy (MC)                     23pts 
Steve Cook (BOU)                            13pts 
Andrew Robertson (LIV)                  12pts 


Sadio Mane (LIV)                             26pts 
Richarlison (EV)                               23pts 
Paul Pogba (MU)                             18pts 
Roberto Pereyra (WAT)                   18pts


Sergio Aguero (MC)                         22pts 
Callum Wilson (BOU)                       14pts 

So where are the points going this weekend? Take a deep breath, hold your nose – it’s time to enter the BaDMaN Boot Room

C’mon now, be honest… was Cardiff keeper Etheridge on your pre-season shortlist? He is currently making 3.5% of teams and could keep his place at goal-shy Huddersfield. 

Alisson (LIV) and Ederson (MC) are obvious replacements but McCarthy (SOU) has matched their 13pts so far and is £1m cheaper.

The case for the defence…

Get used to seeing Mendy (MC) and Alonso (CHE) in the team of the week. Robertson (LIV) too has similar clean sheet and assist pedigree.    

Cook (BOU) is what’s wrong – or, at least surprising – about this picture. Thanks to a goal and assist double adding to his opening weekend sheet. More goodies at home to Everton is not out of the question, but there are some handy looking alternatives to consider.

Holebas (WAT) and Schlupp (CP) face each other this weekend and can be picked up at the same price as Cook (£4.6m). For £0.4m more you could draft in Gomez and Alexander-Arnold (both LIV) for a fruitful looking assignment at home to Brighton.

But if that takes you over your Liverpool quota, I’ll have a stab you won’t have three Cardiff on board. So 9pt Bennett is an option decent £4.5m option at Huddersfield – but make it short-term, there’s Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City on the horizon.  

Go four it this weekend…

I’ve gone 4-4-2 this week as Midfield is where it’s at. Mane (LIV) and Richarlison (EV) lead the pack and may well both like to be beside the seaside this week, with Brighton and Bournemouth up next.

Pogba (MU) has loped into the picture on the back of two worth-the-run-up penalties. And needs a big one v Tottenham, so by all means give the boy a break. But I’m drawn to a slew of cheaper, more bankable options.

His old mate Mkhitaryan (ARS) is one - £1m cheaper and with a tidy run of fixtures ahead. Walcott (EV) is another – available at £6.5m and (like his team mates) starting to look the part.

If you haven’t already and you can, Salah (LIV) could be waiting to explode onto Brighton - showering by standers in goals and assists (Liverpool have hit 15 in three encounters). And at the other end of the scale, Fraser (BOU) is punching above his price tag.  

Get in with the Ings crowd…

At the sharp end, Aguero (MC) leads the way – and almost half of players’ assault. And Wilson (BOU) is enjoying – or maybe causing – Bournemouth’s fast start.  

Deeney (WAT) has muscled his way into the picture – matching Wilson on 14pts - but Ings (SOU) and even club mate Gray (WAT) might be a better long term choice at around the same price. But this is big boy territory and there are plenty bubbling under the surface.

Kane (TOT) and Lukaku (MU) are obvious picks. And there’s more to come from Firmino (LIV) and Morata (CHE).

More BaDMaN Boot Room banter next week. Shut the door on the way out.


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