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Friday, August 17 2018


A wise man once wrote ‘let me be your fantasy’.

That wise man was Phil Fearon from early 90s breakbeat and house act Baby D. And what I think he meant to say was, ‘let me be your Fantasy… League guide for the coming season’.


Suit yourself.

Anyway, that’s we’ll be doing at BaDMaN. Providing you with a weekly summary of the optimum Fantasy League team, with a few pointers on who should stay or go for the upcoming set of fixtures.

This is the best performing X1 so far. Yes, I know we’re only a game in but the stats say that if the world ended right now, today on Friday August 17th – this is the best performing X1 in the Premier League. 

Goalkeeper                                Pts

Alex McCarthy (SOU)                          11pts 


Benjamin Mendy (MC)                         15pts 
Jose Holebas (WAT)                            13pts 
Aaron Wan-Bissaka (CP)                     12pts 
Marcos Alonso (CHE)                          11pts 


Sadio Mane (LIV)                                 16pts 
Roberto Pereyra (WAT)                       16pts 
Richarlison (EV)                                   14pts 


Callum Wilson (BOU)                           8pts 
Jamie Vardy (LEI)                                6pts 
Raul Jimenez (WOL)                           6pts 

But it’s not all about the numbers. So looking ahead to this weekend’s fixtures, here are a few idle thoughts from the BaDMaN Boot Room

A Saint can go marching out…

In between the sticks, Alex McCarthy’s (SOU) Fantasy season may well have peaked with his opening day 11pts. I’m less optimistic about his chances of keeping a clean sheet at Everton as I am Ederson (MC), Lloris (TOT) and Hart (BUR) at home to Huddersfield, Fulham and Watford.

If it aint broke, don’t Mendy it…

At the back, Mendy (MC) and Alonso (CHE) will probably stay right where they are all season. But Holebas is as unlikely to bag another two assists this week as Pereyra is to score them both. And Wan-Bissaka’s impressive Premier League debut doesn't cut any ice with Liverpool next up at Palace.

Tottenham and Man City look handy to keep clean sheets. But Mee, Tarkowski and Lowton (BUR) and Gomez (LIV) offer better value.

The Neves kid on the block…

Mane (LIV) remains a main man in midfield. Richarlison (EV) too, although I’m less convinced he will stay as long as Sadio. But I’m looking towards Man City, West Ham, Leicester and Wolves for goals this weekend. With Neves (WOL) getting the nod for adding to his hype with an opening day goal and assist.

Up top, Wilson (BOU) looked sharp as a tack last week and will enjoy the Hammers’ hospitality. Likewise, there is no good reason to drop Vardy (LEI) aside from his personality, rancid missus and vile little rat-boy face, that is. But Jimenez could probably make way for a bigger hitter. 

Kane looks able…

Lukaku (MU), Kane (TOT), Aguero (MC) and – a yet to get off the mark – Firmino are obvious candidates. Wood (BUR) and Arnautovic (WH) less so. 

More BaDMaN Boot Room banter next week.


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