Coupon Busters - Game Week 38

Saturday, May 12 2018


Hey boy, hey girl. Superstar tipster Matt Nesbitt is ready to go… 

Busting this Coupon will be like punching smoke. 

But seeing as we're gloved up...

Banker of the Week

  1. Liverpool to beat Brighton at 1/5
  2. Man United to beat Watford at 2/5
  3. Man City to beat Southampton at 4/9
  4. Tottenham to beat Leicester at 3/10

There’s no room for showboating on Final Day, so we’re putting our limited faith in the four teams that logically, sensibly, legally, all things being reasonable should – SHOULD, I tells ya – deliver the goods, despite the last day of school hoopla.

Liverpool will have a full(ish) side out and want a slick, sharp performance to take into the Champions League Final in a couple of weeks. Likewise United for next week’s FA Cup and, although we can expect a couple of changes, they are ones that most people would make anyway. 

City have 100pts to shoot for and once Southampton get wind that Swansea are NOT 6-0  up at half-time, they will roll over for a belly tickle. And Leicester assumed that position a month ago.

Place it with Coral and you get a 10% Bonus on all winning accas of four of more...

  • Bet: Four-fold at 2/1 (3.0)

Value of the Week

We’re not spoiled for choice for the season closer, but the bookies have dangled a bit of value which is worth snapping up.

Strictly speaking, the best value punt of the week is opposing Arsenal at Huddersfield.

You’ll only get 7/5, but covering the no doubt pumped up Terriers after season-saving Draws with Man City and Chelsea against a team looking for their first away point of 2018. Well, it’s buying money surely – Wenger’s last match, or not.

  • Bet: Double Chance – Huddersfield or Draw v Arsenal at 7/5 (2.4)

I also quite like/ I’m struggling to find anything other than (choose one) wins for Burnley and Palace. Burnley’s excellent season has somewhat stumbled to a conclusion so a Final Day flourish would do nicely. And there are few more suitable guests for such an occasion than one-win-in-12-on-the-road Bournemouth.

Palace and West Brom have finished the season 5th and 6th in the form table. But while Palace are now contemplating a Top Half finish, the Baggies’ said ‘laterz’ to the PL without kicking a ball midweek. Just when it looked like something ridiculous might happen. 

  • Bet: Win Double – Burnley v Bournemouth & Palace v WBA at 14/5+ (3.8+)

And if you’re feeling fruity, there is likely to be some lazy defending on show so goals around.

  • Bet: Win Double – Burnley & Palace both Win & BTTS at 13/1+ (14.0+)


Long Shot

And just for a silly punt, how about a few shekels on Michael Carrick to notch in his last ever match. if United get a penalty, perhaps even free-kick within range the ball could end up in his hands. I don’t many goals in the game, so am tempted to go Last rather than First.

  • Bet: Michael Carrick to Score Last v Watford at 12/1

That’ll do you for the Premier League this season. But I’ll steaming into the FA Cup, Europa and Champions League Finals and there’s something going on in Russia in the summer too. So don’t touch that dial.

Collect your money.

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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

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