What we learned from Game Week 36

Tuesday, May 1 2018


A shamefaced and tearful Matt Nesbitt is back with a stream of insincere apologies and lame excuses...

Well, it did look a tricky one. Wins for Southampton (!), West Brom (!!) and a point for Stoke at Liverpool says everything about the weekend. 

We scrambled a profit – just – from Tap Ins, Smart Bets and Banker of the Week. But nothing else fell our way.

I take responsibility, calling the draw between Liverpool and Stoke but not having the cojones to commit to it. And just got too many calls bang wrong, so I’m the big wanker of the week.

GW 36


Pts Profit

Tap Ins

6 out of 8


Smart bets

3 out of 6


Long Shots

0 out of 4



0 out of 10



A goal for Leicester and one less for Man City would’ve put a nicer gloss on things. But again we had to turn to Burnley to do us a solid – with 5pts from their nailed on Draw with Brighton. We’ll just have to write this one off as a bad un. 

Coupon Busters

Pts Profit



Value Picks


TV Treble



One good thing emerged from the weekend though… With the three teams below the red dotted relegation line all getting results and the three immediately above not, it means the season might not be over after all. 

The Final Day might be worth watching after all…

If Darren Moore keeps West Brom up after being in charge for just six matches, they should scratch out Pep’s name from the Manager of the Year Award and hand it to the big man. It could happen, y’know...

It won’t, but the fact that it even could after their season is remarkable. Beating both Tottenham and Palace in their last two is unlikely enough. But the Baggies would need Swansea to only manage one more point - and this is complicated further by the fact the Swans have Bottom Three bedfellows Southampton and Stoke still to play. 

Going into the permutations will make for too boring reading, but it does set up an exciting climax.

Squeaky bum time at the bottom…

Swansea seemed to have scrambled out of the relegation quicksand, with 18pts from ten matches (W5 D3 L2) at the start of the year. But six without a win now has them relying on a trip to Bournemouth and back-to-back six-pointers with Southampton and Stoke.

I can’t see them winning at Bournemouth, so they are then in a straight three-way for the drop. With all things pointing to a winner-stays-up v Stoke on the Final Day. 

Southampton could have a say, but they would need something from Everton and/or Man City. And Huddersfield could yet get dragged in, if they fail to get another point – in a scenario that could see Southampton AND Stoke stay up…

Stay with me on this…

Here goes… Huddersfield lose their last three. Standard. Southampton draw at Everton and beat Swansea. Stoke beat Palace and Swansea. Swansea fail to beat Bournemouth (and obviously lose to Southampton and Stoke, as covered). Right?

Southampton and Stoke both survive on 36pts. Huddersfield go down (on 35pts) with Swansea on (33/34pts) and West Brom (28-32pts). I think. 

Bet you wish you traded out on our 16/1 Southampton/ Stoke/ West Brom Relegation Treble now, eh?

I’ll meet you back here on Thursday for a gander at the penultimate weekend.

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