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Friday, March 30 2018


I’ve been looking for a few long-term holds [12-24 months], low buy-in with the potential of a hefty upside. After scouring the INDEX for a bargain, I think this 20-year-old fits the bill perfectly. 

Frenkie de Jong broke onto the scene in 2016/17 and is an established first-team regular at Ajax. His talents have piqued the interest of some of Europe’s biggest clubs and he is already being talked about as a long-term successor to Sergio Busquets.  

Speaking in December, former Dutch star Arie Haan claimed. "De Jong is a better version of Franz Beckenbauer, because he has speed and passes the ball easily."

Despite a 13% rise over the past seven days, De Jong in-my-opinion, is an absolute steal at 89p. These types of investments will form the cornerstone of my INDEX portfolio going forward. 


Who the hell is Matt Nesbitt?

Punter. Tipster. Collector. Of winnings.

Meet the good boy behind Badman Betting...

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

The planned football career that would allow Matt to spend every afternoon in the bookies was cut mercifully short. So he was able to spend his mornings there too.

But rather than spunk his (sweet) FA pension on a day-tripper to Palookaville, Matt played smart. He watched, he listened. Learned his trade and earned a reputation.

But the bookies don’t like a winner...

First they closed his accounts. Then they tried legal action to shut down his tipping services. Now they employ him.

Matt has been providing winning football advice since 1998. And whether it has been via post, premium rate phone line, email, TV or Twitter – he has always made punters money.

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