What we learned from Game Week 31 & FA Cup 6th Rnd

Wednesday, March 21 2018

We’re hitting a nice groove now, collecting another tidy 4.46pts from our Smart Bets and another 5.4 from Friday’s Coupon Busters. So along come the International friendlies to ruin everything.

GW 31


Pts Profit

Tap Ins

5 out of 7


Smart bets

5 out of 7


Long Shots

0 out of 1



1 out of 8



Hero of the weekend was Bournemouth’s Junior Stanislas for his 89th minute winner that added 2.36pts profit into the pot.  

Coupon Busters

Pts Profit



Value Picks





Demon of the week was Saint Cedric of Soares. The Southampton right-back whose late, inexplicable left-wing burst and finish put rubbed Wigan’s noses in it – and rubbed out our 11/2 Correct Score.   

And my weekend cock-up – which is becoming a theme (eyes roll) was telling you to take Romelu Lukaku in the Last Goal Scorer market, not the First. I’ve given myself a Chinese burn.

Here’s what else we learned at the weekend…

It’s the best time of the season for punting…

There’s plenty of form in the book, all teams and players are bang at it with pots being dangled - or relegation being threatened. And – importantly – everyone knows exactly what they need to do. 
It is so much easier to accurately profile a match that has an agenda. Whether it is a cup second leg, overcoming a first leg deficit… or a team handpicking their matches to hit an end-of-season points total. It’s like getting the nod on a race that one horse is trying to win, but the other is just there for a blowout. But let’s not get into Cheltenham…

It’ll be an exciting end to the season for Stoke fans for a change…

I didn’t see the home defeat to Everton coming. Not sure even Big Sam did after just 1pt from the previous six away days – and that looted from an already burnt out West Brom. 

On the (not very) bright side, it has set up a grandstand finish to the season. Assignments at Arsenal (0pts), West Ham (1-3pts) and Liverpool (0pts) and home matches against Tottenham (0-1pts) and Burnley (1-3pts) will neither condemn, nor save the Potters. 

So their fate will be decided by successive six-pointers v Palace and Swansea in their final two matches. Both of whom might need their fate deciding too. 

Fuck Man City’s lap of honour, THAT’S where SKY should be on final day. And not just because we’re on the Relegation Treble of West Brom, Stoke & Southampton at 16/1. Now 10/3. 

Gawd knows how the World Cup in Russia is going to pan out…

No, I’m not talking about the platoons of hairy shouldered hooligans - all built like power lifters and charged up home-made vodka – itching to kick the world in the Gulags. Or, yer man Putin and his chemical brothers. I’m talking about the team that Gareth Southgate has got to try to build from the ливень дерьма (google it) on offer.

At the risk of going all Joey Barton, I can’t remember another period where no one has any idea who the goalkeeper, both centre backs, the left back, one central midfielder or the formation of the national team was. Never mind the best 11.

But…er… I’d still have a sneaky tenner on going out in the quarter-finals to Germany on penalties. 
I’ll be having a look at the internationals and if there is anything you should know about, you’ll know about it.


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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

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