What we learned from Game Week 30

Tuesday, March 13 2018


Caps doffed to Man City and Tottenham this weekend for delivering the big prices that took us into profit. A more sedate 4.5pts this week, but if you see me in traffic keep your windows up.

Unless you see Troy Deeney, that is. His missed penalty at Arsenal cost us a few tokens - but make sure your lane is clear before you flick the ‘v’s. He’s a big lad.

So we had to settle for one winning Coupon Buster, returning a 3.39pt loss. But the Weekend Previews make for more pleasant reading:

GW 30


Pts Profit

Tap Ins

6 out of 8


Smart bets

3 out of 9


Long Shots

1 out of 1



1 out of 10


This is what we learned this weekend…

Normal service is resumed at Arsenal. For now anyway… 

I took a punt on Arsenal’s domestic wobble to continue beyond their midweek win in Milan, but was wrong. They look galvanised. January recruits Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan already look Arsenal’s biggest threats and with four knock-overs to come at the Emirates (Stoke, Southampton, West Ham and Burnley) they could end up with the second best home record in the Premier League. It’s already superior to Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea. 

And don’t rule out a Europa League win. The 7/1 recommended in this post last week is already down to 4s.     

The best way to get past David De Gea…

My 0-0 call for Man United v Liverpool resulted in another portion of chips covered in my own piss. But if they played again tomorrow, I’d back it again. 

Jurgen Klopp clearly overlooked defending goal kicks in his preparation – and watching Lukaku ragdoll Lovren around was like watching Anthony Joshua kick a puppy to death. Neither scenario would happen again.  And how many back-heeled volleys can United’s centre backs keep firing into their own net!? I thought Jones’s effort at Wembley would take some beating, but Bailly topped it on Saturday. And it was the only moment that De Gea looked stretched. 

What are the odds on a Lindeloft rabona at the Etihad on April 7th to clinch the league title for City…?

It’s not always easy to predict what’s going to come out of a pundit’s mouth…

Following Jermain Jenas’ honest appraisal/ delusional ramblings (choose one) about his career last weekend, the pundit expelling frothy bile out of his mouth this week was Jamie Carragher.  
It’s prompted a heart-warming outpouring of ‘SACK HIM!’ from the world of punditry. Joey Barton, Richard Keys and Vinnie Jones* leading the angry mob. Because, after all, they have never done anything wrong have they? Oh, hang on…

*I’ve included Vinnie Jones under the broad umbrella of ‘pundit’ because ‘washed-up skint cartoon mockney villain’ upset the flow of the sentence.  

City are following the script…

Multiple reasons for Badmen enjoy Man City’s 2-0 cruise past Stoke. Unless you’re a Potters fan, of course. Or Man United. 

The match landed a 6.87pt profit for us – ticking in a Tap-in, Smart Bet and Scorecast – and applied another nail in Stoke’s Premier League coffin, which is good news for all who followed me in on the WBA, Southampton & Stoke Relegation Treble. Tipped at 16/1 in this post two weeks ago, it is now as short as 7/2.

City’s win also sets up the prospect of the Premier League title being won v United in the teatime kick-off on Saturday, April 7th. Sky TV will be foaming at the mouth.

Keep 'em peeled on Thursday for a Premier League/ FA Cup hybrid I've been developing in my underground bunker.

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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

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