What we learned from Game Week 26

Tuesday, February 6 2018


Betting smart is the way forward…

But we knew that. A decent set of results at the weekend underlined precisely where the value is when it comes to tackle the weekend coupons. Five out of six Tap-ins generated a svelte profit of just 1.3pts, whereas five out of seven Smart Bets stuffed 10.62pts down our cleavage. 

That’s the equivalent of an 11/8 winner v 10/1 winner in hard currency. No contest. Like Watford v Chelsea…

That’s why they call it the blues…

Chelsea have announced that Antonio Conte will ‘not be sacked in the wake of the defeat at Watford’. Of course, all that means is he will be picking the team against West Brom next Monday. And he needs to get it right. Because if he manages to dodge that bullet, there are four more piss-dipped, barbwire-wrapped, ‘A.C.’ engraved ones on the way. 

First up, it's Hull at home in the FA Cup. A match that’s unwinnable in the eyes of the fans, the board and the football world in general. Plus, if it has gone wonky in the dressing and the players want him gone, this is the match they can do it.

Next up it’s Barcelona at the Bridge. Then consecutive trips to Man United and City. Ouch.  

If Antonio makes it to April without seeing the inside of a Russian salt-mine he will have done well.

You’re in safe hands…

Now, I’m not complaining – I enjoy my work. Sitting on my skinny white arse writing about football and betting is all I’m really qualified – or prepared – to do. But there are downsides. Working weekends is one, not really getting a break between August and May is another.

Which means you miss out on valuable family time…



Ha Ha ZING! Got ya! 

I'm joking, of course – I like to spend all (ALL, I say – every last bit) of my spare time in the company of dead-eyed bar staff and taxi drivers. 

But my point is, I feel a responsibility to provide a level of service to my employers and subscribers that I couldn’t possibly pass on to anyone else. Or ask anyone to cover me, not even for one weekend.

I am, however, talking out of my arse. Our own Ben Dinnery backed Watford to beat Chelsea. At 5/1! While I said Away Win and cost everyone money, so it was Ben toking on a fat cigar rolled on the thighs of a virgin this weekend. Probably.

So if I do happen to go AWOL, you’ll be in safe hands Badmen. 

Head for the Hills…

Oh and while I’m on, I’ve had a few of you asking where is the best bookie to place your bets. The truth is, all the big hitters are much of a muchness when it comes to choice of bets, speed of pricing up and value. But for me William Hill are consistently the best at all three and provide good offers.

Plus, they are offering £30 in Free Bets if you stake £10 at the mo.  Dip your bread in…

Later skaters,

Matt Nesbitt

Who the hell is Matt Nesbitt?

Punter. Tipster. Collector. Of winnings.

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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

The planned football career that would allow Matt to spend every afternoon in the bookies was cut mercifully short. So he was able to spend his mornings there too.

But rather than spunk his (sweet) FA pension on a day-tripper to Palookaville, Matt played smart. He watched, he listened. Learned his trade and earned a reputation.

But the bookies don’t like a winner...

First they closed his accounts. Then they tried legal action to shut down his tipping services. Now they employ him.

Matt has been providing winning football advice since 1998. And whether it has been via post, premium rate phone line, email, TV or Twitter – he has always made punters money.

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