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Wednesday, January 24 2018


Joey Barton is right. Sometimes…

Joey Barton has been sounding off again this week. Telling BBC Radio Four’s Today programme that ‘50% of footballers bet’ and that gambling is ‘culturally engrained’ in the sport.

And he’s right. 

The blanket ban on ALL football people betting on ALL football is as ridiculous as it is unenforceable. 

It means if the kitman at Yeovil backs PSG to win the Champions League, he’s guilty. If Cristiano Ronaldo has a tenner on Enfield to beat Lowestoft in the Ryman Premier, he’s guilty. 

And if an academy player in Turkish Third Division happens to post on Facebook that he fancies himself to score on his debut this weekend and you – yes, YOU! – happen to spot it and include it in your weekend coupon, guess what? Young Hakan is guilty. And facing a chunky fine and ban.
Less than 0.1% ever do, of course. But Joey has (£30k and 18-months, reduced to five on appeal). Perhaps he should have used a false name, or a separate account to place his estimated 15,000 over 12 years. Most do. Or maybe just learn to keep his fat mouth shut.

He couldn’t have been winning many. After all, a bookie is not going to give up a cash cow to the FA for breaking the rules. Bookies don’t give any more of shit over the welfare of their customers than the FA do about the welfare of players.

The stringing up of Barton is merely a scramble for the moral high ground by the same degenerates that can be bribed into awarding the World Cup to 50 degree Qatar or war-torn Russia.  

Matt Nesbitt is wrong. Sometimes…

The FA Cup is hogging the spotlight this weekend, but we’ll be back on Premier League detail quick sharp with a full program on Tuesday and Wednesday. And there’s gonna be some changes around these parts…

As tipsters go, I’m a broad church. At BaDMaN we embrace all sects, castes and denominations of punter. Come one, come all. 

It makes no odds to me if you betting 10p, £10 or ten grand. So I’ve always tried to provide all-purpose advice to embrace all types of punter.  But that doesn’t always work. You can end up falling between two stools.

So from here on in, for every match you’ll get the best Tap In, Smart Money, Long Shot and Scorecast bet. Regardless of price, just purely based on the stats and my take on things. 

Each bet will be considered ‘1pt’ and each category measured in strike rate and pts profit. Which will I will update and share with you after every set fixtures. 

Emily Ratajkowski is fit. Always…

So if you looking for bankers for accumulators, you’re covered; seeking out a bit of value, you’re good; fancy a punt on some big prices, you’re golden. Likewise, I will be recording the strike rate of Match Results for those targeting the Pools (yes, they’re still going), in-store betting coupons or things like  Colossus

Last weekend Previews delivered seven out of ten Match Results, with only Stoke’s win upsetting Saturday’s cart before Tottenham and Liverpool’s handiwork. And three Correct Scores – paying between 6/1 and 7/1.    

But a combination of me being a bit shit with the Coupon Busters and Liverpool being a bit shit at Swansea, we managed to come away 3pts down on the weekend. 

From here on though, BaDMeN it’ll be all falling into barrels full of thumbs and coming sucking Emily Ratajkowski’s tits.  


Matt Nesbitt

Who the hell is Matt Nesbitt?

Punter. Tipster. Collector. Of winnings.

Meet the good boy behind Badman Betting...

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

The planned football career that would allow Matt to spend every afternoon in the bookies was cut mercifully short. So he was able to spend his mornings there too.

But rather than spunk his (sweet) FA pension on a day-tripper to Palookaville, Matt played smart. He watched, he listened. Learned his trade and earned a reputation.

But the bookies don’t like a winner...

First they closed his accounts. Then they tried legal action to shut down his tipping services. Now they employ him.

Matt has been providing winning football advice since 1998. And whether it has been via post, premium rate phone line, email, TV or Twitter – he has always made punters money.

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