What we learned over Christmas

Wednesday, January 3 2018


Where do we start...?

Well, gin and Baileys doesn’t mix… Police horses are bigger than you think… It was Jesus born on Christmas Day, not Elvis…  Victoria’s Secret… (They’re vests and pants).

And at the halfway point of the season, we’re on track.

Punting is for life not just Christmas…

For all the talk of the crippling festive fixture pile-up – including from our own Ben Dinnery on the BBC, but I’ll get onto that in a moment. We emerged the side other of four match days in decent fettle.

Game Week 19 (pre-Christmas) and Game Week 22 (the New Year matches) broke even. The two in-between hit the heights of a 21pts profit and a barrel-scraping 9pts loss. So we’ll call that two draws, a win and a defeat. Same as Palace. 

Could’ve been better, of course. One less goal here (or, even better – Burnley)… a couple of Cards there… (or, to be specific Leicester and Everton)… and we’re bundling 4/1, 9/2 and 13/2 winners into the Collect column.  

But we’ll take it. The second half of the season is always more punter-friendly. The table has taken shape, agendas have developed and battles are chosen more carefully. Plus, there's half a season of form in the book so the sailing will get more plain from here on in.

Ben on the Beeb…

Normally the thought of waking up to the lilting Geordie tones of Ben Dinnery brings me out in a cold sweat – four years on the bottom bunk of that Mexican jail cell has left its mark… 

But when it comes via the radio on BBC Five Live, it is a thing of beauty.

Being the MAN when it comes to football injuries, the Big Dinn made more sense in five minutes on Wednesday morning than those clowns Savage, Hartson, Neville and Shearer have in the last five years. 

It’s only a matter of time until the world catches on that injury knowledge is a key tool to cashing at the bookies and elsewhere…

Taking stock…

We hear from plenty of tuned-in cookies who are trading on Ben’s injury insight on Football Index.

It’s a kind of stock market for footballers, where you can buy and sell players at fluctuating prices – based on their performances on the pitch and in the media. It’s good. Very smart. 

And lucrative too. The sharpest Fantasy Football-types have been turning over four-figure profits all season – which, between you and me, is two-figures more than I’ve made most weeks.

But I’m hooked. Especially now the Transfer Window is open. It's party time.

Have a look here. You just might love it. 

But when the fun stops… keep going. Yeah?

I’ll be back on your screens on Friday with a look at a selection of sweet FA Cup ties. 

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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

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