What we learned from Game Week 18

Tuesday, December 19 2017


Just about broke even for the weekend. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it is better than 98.2% of the football betting public.

Yes, you read that right Badmen – according to the poindexters in the Betting Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University, less than 2% of football bettors ever make any money. 

So even when we shoot a blank, we’re still in front. Speaking of which…

They think it’s all over…

If Man City’s bullying of not-so-noisy neighbours United at Old Trafford was the bell for last orders on the league title, Saturday’s dismantling of Tottenham rang the second bell. Can you drink up now gents…?!

Rather than wasting valuable fuel trying to beat City, the rest of the Premier League will simply write of the points and plan around the fixture. And concentrate on the matches they can win.

Likewise, rather than opposing City for the big payoff or backing them for the negligible one. I will be plotting how we can draw the best possible value from the inevitable. Like the 27/20 HT/FT and the 15/8 City & BTTS at the weekend. 

Christian Eriksen made us sweat a bit before bobbling in the injury time consolation. But if we’re in with a shout of a 2/1 payout in the 92nd minute of all Man City matches this season, I’ll take that.

There’s more than one way to skin a bookie…

When I started out in this racket all you could bet on was the Match Result, Correct Score and Scorers pretty much. Unless you had an understanding with an independent bookie – or ‘turf accountant’ – who would take your bets on request. All over the counter, of course. With real pound notes – remember those? 

(An errand I ran every day for two years for Man City, West Ham and Reading journeyman – and Northampton Town legend - Trevor Morley. Maybe I’ll tell you that story one day…).

Anyway… now, the ways to make money from football betting are endless. With a choice of 150+ markets for Sunday league matches.

And it doesn’t even stop there…

Money never sleeps…

Have you seen Football Index yet? It’s a stock market for footballers, in a nut shell. I can’t really be arsed to go into the ins and outs – or buys and sells – right now, but it’s pretty self-explanatory (have a gander here…).

Basically, you buy and sell shares in players which go up or down based on their performances – on the pitch and in the media. 

Me and Ben (the Wolf of Wallsend) started dabbling at the start of the season and are now a pair of sleep-deprived-itchy-veined addicts. Using three times a day, clucking endlessly about transfer gossip and sharing trades like dirty needles. 

It’s fucking awesome. And it’ll get you hooked too, trust me…

You never know what’s around the corner…

My football career started with a trip to the bookies. I should’ve known then, I s’pose…

Day one at Northampton Town as a bright-eyed, busy-mulletted 16 year old I was sent to the bookies with the name of three horses and five of Trevor Morley’s pounds.

I didn’t have to go back for winnings - I soon learned that one of the perks of administrating Trevor’s punting habit was it was usually a one-trip gig. 

But I never once slipped his cash into my shell suit pocket, like some apprentices did. Every last penny made it over the counter. So I never got stripped and dumped in the middle of town for not being able to cover the winnings of the bet I failed to place. Nasty business.  

Coming up this week:

Thursday: Weekend matches previews
Friday: Your weekend Coupon Busters
Saturday: Your TV guide to cashing in on Burnley v Tottenham and/ or Leicester v Man United.

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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

The planned football career that would allow Matt to spend every afternoon in the bookies was cut mercifully short. So he was able to spend his mornings there too.

But rather than spunk his (sweet) FA pension on a day-tripper to Palookaville, Matt played smart. He watched, he listened. Learned his trade and earned a reputation.

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