Coupon Busters - Game Week 13

Friday, November 24 2017


I like big bets and I cannot lie.

So this is where we try to pull the bookies' pants down with the best of the weekend’s Doubles, Trebles and Accas.

Brace yourself…

Match Results

  1. Man United to beat Brighton
  2. Tottenham to beat West Brom
  3. Man City to beat Huddersfield                     £1 Treble returns £1.89
  4. Bournemouth to beat Swansea                   £1 Four-fold returns £5.19
  5. Watford to beat Newcastle                          £1 Five-fold returns £18.25

The Treble is a gimme. Anything less than a home win for United and Spurs would be a disaster and Man City are going to win every match, right? And the boat race. And X-Factor.

Bournemouth are on a run of six good performances and four wins. Swansea aren’t. Watford are a bit more of a swerve-ball, but are full of muscle and goals at the mo. Newcastle aren’t. 

Win To Nil

  1. Man United to beat Brighton
  2. Tottenham to beat West Brom              £1 Double returns £3.18
  3. Man City to beat Huddersfield              £1 Treble returns £5.94

United’s midweek mugging is good news for clean sheet backers. The absence of Lindelof will be even better. Likewise, only a bit of player posing or another Bambi moment can cost us in the other two.

Chucking in Bournemouth and even Southampton could be punt-worthy, at chump change stakes. Pumping up the jam to 27/1 and 16/1 respectively. All five pays a technotronic 75/1.

Both Teams to Score

  1. West Ham v Leicester
  2. Liverpool v Chelsea                   £1 Double returns £2.90

If you only place one bet this week, I’d suggest this is it. With David Moyes in the hot seat, the Hammers will be keen to impress… other managers. The Transfer Window is just six weeks away, no time to lose. And Leicester have no trouble scoring v teams outside the Top Six. 

Only one of the last 12 meetings between Liverpool and Chelsea hasn’t paid out at BTTS. Back when Mohammed Salah was a Chelsea player. And jockey Michael Owen was still a footballer.  

Under 2.5 Goals

  1. Southampton v Everton
  2. Burnley v Arsenal                        £1 Double returns £3.79

Not sure you would trust even lending a goal to Southampton or Everton at the moment. And David Unsworth won’t want another drubbing in (surely) his last game. Burnley’s home fans have only witnessed two goals once all season. Arsenal’s five at Everton masks a shocking away return of just seven. I fancy this.

Under 3.5 Goals

  1. Southampton v Everton
  2. Burnley v Arsenal
  3. Tottenham v West Brom                        £1 Treble returns £2.65
  4. Swansea v Bournemouth
  5. Newcastle v Watford                              £1 Five-fold returns £4.20

I don’t usually fiddle with the Under 3.5s, but it looks like it could be a barren weekend. Particularly on Sunday, so this might help make it a bit more interesting. 

I’ll be back on Monday with another stream of excuses. But before that, there’s a couple of Match Profiles in the pipeline: Liverpool v Chelsea and Huddersfield v Man City.

Don’t touch that dial. 

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