Five things we learned in Game Week 12

Tuesday, November 21 2017


We didn't collect as much as I'd have liked at the weekend. But we did find out a few things...

1. Arsenal do have a set after all…

Or were Tottenham just a bit shit? They certainly looked flat. Kane looked like he’s carrying a knock and Alderweireld’s absence costs them at the back and in midfield, with Eric Dier dragged in to deputise.

But fair dos. It’s six in six at home for Arsenal and all the home fans had to boo was the withdrawal of Lacazette to shut up shop on 73 minutes. The first win and clean sheet in seven against Spurs evidentally still not enough for some... 

2. David Moyes hasn’t lost it…

The dressing room, that is. But it won’t be long. Calling out his ‘big players with big reputations’ after just 90 minutes in the last chance saloon was a curious decision. West Ham’s transfer window will already be steaming up with breath of agents wondering what to spend their commissions on in February...

3. Huddersfield, Southampton and Swansea travel light…

They certainly don’t take any goals with them. Another blank away day for all three, helping to land Saturday’s four-fold acca – hope you were on. These three stooges will remain on our radar for the foreseeable whenever they board the team bus. 

Newcastle made up the fab four-fold. But not before Dwight Gayle scuppered our To Nil double, scuffing in Old Trafford’s first away goal of the campaign after Lindelof’s Bambi moment. 

4. Club owners don’t give a monkeys about punters…

Tony Pulis has been sacked just in time to walk straight into the Wales job (and before you start feeling sorry for Ryan Giggs getting pipped at the post again, remember what he did to poor Rhodri…)

No one’s surprised, there’s been a gaping hole at the bottom of the Baggies for a while now. But as a punter I am a bit upset because you know where you stand with a manager like Tony. 

Crystal Pulis were a phenomenal Under 2.5 Goals team and last season West Brom were among the most reliable in the Premier League, if you knew what to look for…

Against Top Seven: back against them home and away (W1 D2 L11); Against Bottom Six: back them to win at home (W5 D1 L0) and draw away (L2 D4 L0); Against Mid-table, keep it in your pocket.

5. Man City are poor value…

For betting on, I mean. Saturday morning’s 12/1 City to remain unbeaten all season had been slashed to 8s by the time Shearer, Neville and Keown had spent all weekend masturbating over them. I’m not having it, personally.

Not having the Even Money to beat Chelsea’s 103-goal record. Not having the 4/9 Kevin De Bruyne to win Player of the Year. Not having the 1/6 to win the title.

Not saying they won’t all come in. But they are all bookies’ prices - and you don’t make money placing those.

At BadMan we bet smart. And this is what I've got coming up this week...

Thursday: Every Premier League match previewed

Friday: Coupon Busters

Saturday: Your TV guide to cashing in this weekend.

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World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

World Cup 2010 Prediction Panel with Ruud Gullit and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson

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